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Praise God, if you have a prayer request you may post it here, we will be glad to pray with and for you. His ears are open to our cries, bring your petition before God and he will answer you. Hope, Trust, Believe and your Faith will move The Lord.


over a year ago by manoj Pray for me
I am facing financial needs for very long time I need Lord Jesus Christ to remove all the curses, debts , and all bondages, worries, fear , tension and instability guiltiness from my life , I fell disappointed and restless due all this things , please! Pray for blessings, prosperity, wisdom, protection and lord?s favor and hindrance to be removed and release of all blessings in my life, please pray for my obesity I will be very thankful to your prayers and support me.


over a year ago by Mary Agnes Pray for me
Kindly pray for all my intentions.Especially for my healing of blood sugar,weakness of my body,knee pain,constipation and other physical sickness which I have .Pray to solve all my financial problems and to get my share of my father's property.Also for a very good job.For protection from my enemies.For guidance in my relation with Baby,Moidu and TNK and Ajith.For my deliverance from bondages and afflictions,powers of darkness,evil spirits and curses. Thank you, Mary Agnes India