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                                                                                      Tanzania  Mission - 2008   &  2009



2009- We visited the several village churches in Mt. Kilimanjaro Region, we enjoyed the Lord in those mountains. We had a short revival meeting in The God's Blessings Church Pentecost in Dar Es Salaam and in the Village of Kongowe.

These are the places we visited while in the Kilimanjaro Region: Mwerera, Chome, Majiyachome and Banglala. We also visited an Old Slave Port on the Indian Ocean about 2 hours from Dar Es Salaam

 Bishop Mdoe


 2009- Words from Bishop Mdoe-  This ministry started here in Tanzania in September 2006 after hearing the voice of God calling me from Iringa, one of the big towns in Tanzania found 600 kilometers from Dar es Salaam where I am ministering now. My wife and I believed God in this calling though it needed a very big faith and grace of God because a place is very primitive. Until this time we believe in God to supply everything and God is good to us. The ministry started at a place dominated by Muslim and it has not yet been registered due to some bureaucracies.

At the beginning, I started with 8 people including my family i.e. me, my wife Joyce, and our three children namely Joshua, Gideon and Rosemary. Unfortunately, our first born Joshua passed away in October 2006. This was the most difficult time to us because as we were surrounded by Muslims we didn't have anybody to encourage us. Eventually, our ministry remained with 7 members.

Up to now we are 35 members.

 Please pray for them. We have since separated ourselves from this Pastor until The Lord  


Spiritually, we need to reach the unreached groups all over the country. Socially, we plan to help the poor people especially in the rural areas. This includes sick people admitted to hospitals, widows, orphans, etc. In the future, we have a plan to build orphans centre, where we will provide education and health services more efficiently to them.



Tanzania  Mission 2008

Hosting Pastor Zabulon

My visit to Tanzania was to Tarime (2008) and then over to a Ward of that region called Mwema and from that town to a rural church. I ministered  2-3 services daily and we had service in the night-time with the aid of 2 lamps up until 10-11 pm nightly. The people were hungry for the Word of God.

 We had outdoor meetings under the trees, along a roadway. The church we had services in; the building is actually falling down and badly decayed from termites and weather erosion. Very little clean water available, no lights and most of the houses are African huts made from the straw, cow dung and mud. This area is in dire need of schools, medical facilities, churches, homes and so much more.

 The need for Pastors and Missionaries to visit these places and spend time teaching the Word of God is needed. Many young Pastors who need training and encouragement to continue in Christ are reaching out for our help.

 Please pray for them. We have since separated ourselves from this Pastor until The Lord says otherwise.

About 30% of the mainland population is Christian, while 35% is Muslim, and another 35% follow traditional religious beliefs. The population of Zanzibar is almost completely Sunni Muslim.

The History of Tanzania can be found at this link:


 There are quite few Pastors in Tanzania the Lord has separated us from for various reason unbecoming true Christian walk:

 Harvest Gospel Outreach Ministries, Bishop Emanuel Mhina