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Zambia Mission 2013



 I thank God for his traveling mercies, and for making a way for me to go back to Africa this year. I was there almost 2 months from April to June. Doing this time I visited churches,villages, Pastor's meetings  in these places: Solwezi, Nakonde, Mansa, Samyfa, Lusaka and Livingstone Zambia. I held a Pastor & Leadership Seminar in Solwezi and had a TV appearance there. SOGM Certificates were given to those in attendance. I traveled over 3,000 kms while in Zambia by bus, spending from 10 to 20 hrs on different trips. I thank God I was not bound by any one Denomination but was able to obey God and fellowship freely. I preached in Nakonde encouraging and uplifting a small young congregation with Pastor Victor. We held a Women's Meeting in the home of Evangelist Chapewa and afterwards I showed the ladies how to cook stove top cornbread out of their "Shima".

Before I left for Africa, I had several dreams from the Lord letting me know I would come in contact with people who were not where they should be in the Lord. I had 2 dreams with snakes in it but I defeated the enemy in both of them. The dreams let me know I would also meet others who needed to hear from the Lord through me. After having  these dreams I was having second thoughts about going, but the Lord let me know I have the victory and not to fear. So many times you meet  those confessing themselves to be Christians and they are not; they are False Brethren, Deceitful Workers of Iniquity, and Children of Darkness. You cannot let this stop you, you must obey God at any cost!

 I thank God that souls were saved, demonic spirits came out of people infected with the HIV/Aids virus, others were healed and encouraged in Jesus Name. Their testimonies were encouraging to me through emails and word of mouth.