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                                                                                                                  Congo  Mission  2008

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 My visit to the Congo was doing a time of war in the Eastern Region of the country, Nov.-Dec. 2008, I was over a thousand miles away in the Western Region in Kinshasa. As with any metropolitan City it is crowded and very busy day and night. Kinshasa has approx. 8 million people living there. They have thousands of children some orphans but most are throw away from their families, accused of being witches and thrown out in the streets. The Democratic Republic of the Congo is home to a vast potential of natural resources and mineral wealth. Nevertheless, the D.R.C. is one of the poorest countries in the world, with per capita annual income of about $300 in 2007. Although 700 local languages and dialects are spoken, the linguistic variety is bridged both by the use of French and the intermediary languages Kikongo, Tshiluba, Swahili, and Lingala. About 70% of the Congolese population is Christian, predominantly Roman Catholic. Most of the non-Christians adhere to either traditional religions or syncretic sects. Traditional religions include concepts such as monotheism, animism, vitalism, spirit and ancestor worship, witchcraft, and sorcery and vary widely among ethnic groups; none is formalized. The syncretic sects often merge Christianity with traditional beliefs and rituals. The most popular of these sects, Kimbanguism, was seen as a threat to the colonial regime and was banned by the Belgians. Kimbanguism, officially "the church of Christ on Earth by the prophet Simon Kimbangu," now claims about 3 million members, primarily among the Bakongo tribe of Bas-Congo and Kinshasa. 

There is work to be done in The Congo and teaching the precepts of God's Word to them. The Pygmies Village need help in all phases, a church building, bibles, and teaching materials. The Pygmies are discriminated against totally they have no housing, schools, medical clinics, jobs, clean water, etc. they need help badly. They stressed to me that there are many others I did not see who are in worse condition them they are in living in the forest.

 The History of The Democratic Republic of Congo can be found at this link:

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