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                                                                                                              India  Mission  2009

India has over 1 billion people. There are several religions, Hindu 81%, Islam 13%, Christian 2%, Sikh 2% (2001).

Religious and ethnic clashes that pitted Muslims against Hindus and Hindus against Christians broke out throughout India in the summer and fall of 2008. The violence was exacerbated by a series of terrorist attacks largely blamed on Islamic militants, including one in the northern state of Assam that killed at least 64 people and wounded hundreds in October. In total, well over 200 people died in the attacks.

The History of India can be found at this link: 

Hosting Church: The Full Gospel Preaching Church in Hyerdabad, Andhra Pradesh, the Pastor is Rev. T. Jeremiah, (Pastor Jeremiah passed May 3, 2018 on his birthday, we were textings a few hours before his death about Christian Persecution in India). 

We traveled over 2,450 klms in the Eastern Region of India. We went to many villages and church homes ministering the Word of God and praying for Believers and Non-Christians who desired our prayers. God moved in a mighty way, we know the seed of salvation was planted in their hearts. Christians were uplifted and encouraged through the messages. Miracles happened doing this visit, one man was healed of Aids after we prayed for him and led him to the Lord. After continued testing over a year and half later, I was told he was completely healed! Others healings took place too! Hindus invited me into their homes and accepted Christ. Listen to the tape for more on the trip. 

Religious persecution is very strong in India but the people of God are faithful to continue in Christ even if it cost their lives. Some of their fellow Christians were killed, homes burned and destroyed for their faith in Christ all over India.

In some parts of India is against the law to try and convert a Hindu to become  a Christian; but this has not stopped Missionaries and others from spreading the world of God. India says they are a Hindu country not Christian.   

  India Trip 2012

On this mission trip I visited a few churches and found the people hungry for the gospel but one of the Pastors was a false Pastor. I had to rebuke and warn this Pastor about his soul. He had such a lust and love for money; he was a liar and very deceitful person. It was so sad to see this wolf over God's sheep that were under his spell. I know God will deliver and make changes, he is a longsuffering God. I did find another Pastor who was working the work of Christ to win souls in his community and needs help to build a church building. The Lord moved by his power regardless of the hindrances, we had meetings on tops of roofs, along roadsides and in homes. God saved and healed Hindus and Believers who can forth for prayer. I felt bones move back in place as I prayed for 2 individuals and others received healing for themselves and children of chicken pox. God is good who knows how to direct you and use you inspite of difficult situations. It was very hot in the country temperatures 102 and more daily. All of these people need more Christians to reach out to them for teaching and understanding the scriptures.

 We have since separated ourselves from this Pastor until The Lord says different:

House of Revival, Pastor Madhu Manohar in Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh, India, A very dishonest false Pastor! view over 140 videos on my Youtube Channel