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                                                                                                            Kenya  Mission  2008


2007- My Mission was to teach the Word of God, tell them about Jesus and his Love, The Lord told me not to minister about denominations but tell them about Jesus, lift up his name. He led me to pray for as many people as I could no matter where we were. I was on street corners, under trees, in churches, homes, businesses, schools, God said pray. Testimonies came forth from HIV victims, the sick,  oppressed, cripple people and others saying they have been healed by the power of God, their lives have been changed. One HIV lady who had given up on life tried to commit suicide the day before I arrived at their town; she had taken poison and didn't die, so the next morning she went to the river to jump in and the Lord told her to come to this meeting. God had a miracle waiting for her. I prayed for her and cast this suicide demon off of her. She was set free by the power of God and gave this testimony that "she feels good and wants to live on". The Lord told me to minister in a simplistic way as he did when he taught the people about the Kingdom of God. We need Missionaries with a call to Africa to win souls. This harvest field is truly ready for workers to go forth and evangelize this area, so we must work fast. 

As I journeyed through Kenya to the Northern area I saw such beauty of green forestry, mountains and valleys with streams of water. We visited churches in the Meru area and Mt. Kenya area, high mountains and all green and lush with an abundant amount of fruit and vegetable trees. In the City of Nairobi, as with any congested African capital city, you see people hustling about everywhere, from early morning to late evening. A mixture of churches everywhere, and signs of coming crusades. When you leave the Nairobi area you don't see many Ministers going into the rural areas of Kenya, where it is truly a need to spread the Gospel. Everyone cannot go into the rural areas of Africa, you must fore-go some of the comfortable amenities you are use to. If you can't go, then support us to go.

The History of Kenya can be found at this link:

 In 2008- The Kenyans suffered a great  amount of turmoil due to the presidential elections, the strong hold of tribal customs prevailed and caused many deaths and homelessness  in the country, they are still trying to recover. Many of the Christians were caught up in this tribal war and forsook their Biblical teachings. They are in need of more Christians to teach them  the Word of God.

 Mission Trip 2012  Kenya and Tanzania view over 140 videos on my Youtube Channel

This trip was one of teaching and preaching in various Villages in Kenya and Tanzania. Many of the participants who attended the Leadership and Pastor's Seminars are already working in the ministry, but the knowledge and training they should have gotten in the Bible Colleges and schools they attended are lacking. Many are in need for a refresher course through the entire Bible so they can gain the understanding and rightly divide the Word. I believe Africa can evangelize itself with help in the area of teaching and studying the Word of God properly. I see the need being so great for Laborers  to go forth to these villages, towns and teach the people the right way.

During this trip I learned that many are still burning witches, robbers, thieves thinking they are doing God a service. Many are following false Pastors who are practicing polygamy and so many other sins contrary to the Word of God. Some have climbed tall trees and jumped to their deaths thinking they will be caught up in the rapture. Some have built tall ladders trying to look into heaven for past leaders who has died. I need help so I can stay for longer periods of time to travel to villages teaching them the right way of salvation from the Word of God. Please pray for SOGM to get a vehicle for travel and donors for this ministry while in Africa. Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan, Zimbabwe and many other African Countries are in need of this training. Thank you!

I continued doing Missionary Trips to Kenya ministering at lots of churches in various cities and villages until 2016. Homabay, Migori, Giribe, Kisii, Nairobi and so many others!