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South Sudan

Praise God I was in Sudan when the South gained its Independence July 9, 2011 and separated from the North; due to the previous wars and discrimination and mistreatment of the South Sudan Christians. They are listed as some of the Persecuted Christians around the world. They have basically three Christian Church denominations in Sudan are Catholic, Episcopal, and Protestant. While in Uganda I was able to minister in a Protestant Church with the Sudanese people. While in Sudan I was able to testify and pray with them. What I saw was a great need for teaching the Word of God so they could get an understanding of the whole Bible and not just the traditional teachings of man.

I spent time in 2 different villages where I prayed and counseled some Christians there. I would like to return to hold Bible Classes to go into depth in God?s Word. I pray for the peace and growth of the New South Sudan.

God used me to help free 4 people held in slavery to a Witch doctor who I lived with for 69 days in the same house. It was a miraculous story how God moved and had me to take home an old lady, Mommie Joyce who was separated from her family in Sudan by this cousin 3 years earlier. They had no idea of where she was in Uganda and there was no contact with her or the cousin. The family thought she was dead, but God hears prayers and used me to befriend the Muslim cousin and got her home. Listen to the testimony: videos and pictures of SOGM