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                                                                                                               Uganda Mission  2009

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Aproximately 14 milion people live in Uganda; approx. 2 million in Kampala, the largest city.

According to the census of 2002, Christians made up about 84% of Uganda's population.[27] The Roman Catholic Church has the largest number of adherents (41.9%), followed by the Anglican Church of Uganda (35.9%). The next most reported religion of Uganda is Islam, with Muslims representing 12% of the population.[27]

The history of Uganda can be found at this link:

Host Bishop Wilson Kitondekigya  and his wife Joy, of The Anointing Christian Healing Church.

We thank God for the move of the spirit through his Word during our time in Uganda. I thank God for bringing us together and the spiritual fellowship we had. 

These are some of the churches, villages we visited: 

Wilson and Joy Kitondekigya at Zana Community

Abbey Mugagga  at  Nansana Community,  Church Leaders & Pastors' Breakfast Meeting

Fred Muwanguzi at Kabowa Community, All Believers Meeting

Edward Kyagera at Salama Community, New Church, All Believers Meeting.

Nalongo Esther at Lukunyu Community Village Church, All Believers Meeting

Geoffrey Lubanjwa at Ggangu Community, Women's Conference

Charles Nzabalinda at Maseruka Community, Village Church, All Believers Meeting

Visited Community  Pastor George Lubega; personal prayer and fellowship

Visited the sight where we are planning to building Orphanage Home School

Following Missionary Trips 2010 and 2011

Ministering in various villages with different pastors, many who were basically looking for funding and spiritual support for their ministries. We often had services in the dark because they had no lights,we read by flashlights and candles. I was invited to fellowship with this pastor and took a bus ride of 37 plus hours to get there from Tanzania to Uganda. It was an awful ride and it took its toll on my body, I was so swollen I could barely walk. I gave out of money, I was cheated and overcharged for my fare and baggage. I had to ask for bottled water and food from passengers on the bus. It was awful. It took 2 days for me to recover and once the pastor found out I didn't have any money his visits were less and less, but it was all in God's plan because the Sudanese Muslim I met on the bus invited me to her home and introduced me to some Christian pastors in her neighborhood and I began having fellowship with them and other Sudanese refugees in their homes, God moved on them in a mighty way so we continued the fellowships and made plans for the following year for me to visit Sudan 2011.

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