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Zambia Mission 2013

I thank God for his traveling mercies, and for making a way for me to go back to Africa this year. I was there almost 2 months from April to June. Doing this time I visited churches,villages, Pastor's meetings  in these places: Solwezi, Nakonde, Mansa, Samyfa, Lusaka and Livingstone Zambia. I held a Pastor & Leadership Seminar in Solwezi and had a TV appearance there. SOGM Certificates were given to those in attendance. I traveled over 3,000 kms while in Zambia by bus, spending from 10 to 20 hrs on different trips. I thank God I was not bound by any one Denomination but was able to obey God and fellowship freely. I preached in Nakonde encouraging and uplifting a small young congregation with Pastor Victor. We held a Women's Meeting in the home of Evangelist Chapewa and afterwards I showed the ladies how to cook stove top cornbread out of their "Shima".

Through prayer and encouragement Brother Chapewa has informed me as of 2016 he has started his own church in his home and in a rent building. His membership is up to 78 people as of May 2018, they are in need of a building because he is being forced from the rented one, please pray for them.

Before I left for Africa, I had several dreams from the Lord letting me know I would come in contact with people who were not where they should be in the Lord. I had 2 dreams with snakes in it but I defeated the enemy in both of them. The dreams let me know I would also meet others who needed to hear from the Lord through me. After having  these dreams I was having second thoughts about going, but the Lord let me know I have the victory and not to fear. So many times you meet  those confessing themselves to be Christians and they are not; they are False Brethren, Deceitful Workers of Iniquity, and Children of Darkness. You cannot let this stop you, you must obey God at any cost!

 I thank God that souls were saved, demonic spirits came out of people infected with the HIV/Aids virus, others were healed and encouraged in Jesus Name. Their testimonies were encouraging to me through emails and word of mouth.  SOGM Channel